The Bridge Deck


Bridge is back! 

The resurgence of poker and other card games has led people everywhere to return to the most exciting card game of all – Bridge.  Everyday there are thousands of people playing bridge at home, on the Internet, and at the clubs.  We offer classes every day from true beginners thru experienced duplicate players. All classes are taught by world bronze medalist Sylwia McNamara



(you can download pdf version of class schedule)

  • Improvers (mixed topics)

        Mondays (10am-noon) - $25

  • Supervised Play

       Every Tuesday - 1:30pm-3:30pm $20

       Every Wednesday - 10am-noon $20

  • Mike's New Defense Course

      August 1 – Passive Defense

      August 8 – Active Defense

      August 15 – Getting Ruffs on Defense

      August 22 – Preventing Ruffs for Declarer

      August 29 – Forcing Declarer to Lose Control of the Hand
      $125 per course or $30 per class.

       There is no need to pre-register,  You may simply show up.

      Course Overview


      You are on defense half of the time in bridge.  Because of this, high scores can be achieved in bridge by simply taking the tricks to which you are entitled on defense.  Most players fail to get all of their tricks because they simply look, sometimes in vain, to find a way to win the immediate trick.  They do not have a concept of declarer’s game plan and how to thwart it.  As a result, they do not have an overall defensive strategy.  In this course, we will look at the five main defensive strategies in bridge, how to recognize which one to use on which hand, and how to execute each one.  The course will be held on the five Fridays in August and will cover the fopics listed above.