The Bridge Deck


Bridge is back! 

The resurgence of poker and other card games has led people everywhere to return to the most exciting card game of all – Bridge.  Everyday there are thousands of people playing bridge at home, on the Internet, and at the clubs.  We offer classes every day from true beginners thru experienced duplicate players. All classes are taught by world bronze medalist Sylwia McNamara



(you can download pdf version of class schedule)

  • Improvers (mixed topics)

        Mondays (10am-noon) - $25

  • Supervised Play

       Every Tuesday - 1:30pm-3:30pm $20

       Every Wednesday - 10am-noon $20

  • Mike's New 2/1 Course

       There is no need to pre-register,  You may simply show up. 4 Fridays in September ($100/course or $30 for an individual class)

      10/3 – Intro to and Overview of 2/1

      10/10 – 2/1 after a 1 of a Major Opening

      10/17 – 1NT forcing

      10/24 - Slam Bidding Using 2/1 GF

      10/31 – Review and Putting It All Together

      Course Overview

      Two Over One Game Forcing (2/1 GF) is a version of the Standard American bidding system that allows the partnership to create a game forcing auction at the two level. The partnership gains a big advantage from being game-forced at such a low level, because the partnership can now take its time and use all of the available space to find the best place to play game and to explore for slam. Gaining this huge advantage only takes a minor adjustment in the point ranges currently used in Standard American, including needing 13 points to bid your own suit at the two level in response to partner’s opening bid and bidding 1NT in response to partner’s major suit opening with 6-12 points. This course will discuss in more depth these minor adjustments as well as how to take advantage of the space provided by the game forcing auctions.